Apache spark with python

Here are the list of video which i have created to  learn Apache Spark with Python.

Apache Spark Installation on Ubuntu.

Video Path: 00 Spark Installation On Ubuntu

Understanding the Limitations of Map Reduce.

Video Path : 01 Limitations of mapreduce

Python For Apache Spark.

Video Path :  01 Python for spark

Brief Introduction of Apache Spark.

Video Path : 02 Apache Spark Introduction

Understanding of Resilient Distributed Datasets(RDD) Part -1.

Video Path : 02 Resilient Distributed Datasets(RDD) Pyspark 01

Understanding of Resilient Distributed Datasets(RDD) Part-2.

Video Path : 02 Resilient Distributed Datasets(RDD) Pyspark 02

Understanding of Resilient Distributed Datasets(RDD) Part-3.

Video Path : 02 RDD use case on crime data Pyspark 03

RDD BroadCast Variables Part-4.

Video Path : 02 Broadcast Variable Pyspark 04

RDD  Internals Part-5.

Video Path : 02 Apache Spark Internals Dag Stages Pyspark 05

Understanding of Spark SQL.

Video Path : 03 Spark DataFrames SQL Pyspark

Understanding Spark streaming.

Video Path : 04 Spark Streaming Pyspark

Machine learning Features Creation.

Video Path : 05 Machine Learning Features and Extraction 01

Machine Learning PipeLiine.

Video Path : 05 Machine Learning pipeline 02

Apache Spark Classification Algos.

Video Path : 05 Classfication Algos Pyspark 03

Apache Spark Classification Algo on IRIS Dataset.

Video Path : 05 Classification Algo on iris data Pyspark 04

Apache Spark Regression Algos.

Video Path : 05 Machine Learning Regression Algos Pyspark 05

Apache Spark Integration.

Video Path : Pyspark and Kafka integration

Code path for all above Videos.